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Trax - Trip & Fuel logging

Developer: Project Five
3.29 usd

Trax is the number one application for when you are on the road. Triplogging and fuelup-registration at the place you really need it: in your car. All data is always available on all of your devices and there is also an app available for iPhones and iPads.Functions:- Log your trips and fuelups for both business and private.- See totals and averages about your fuel consumption, trip distances and quantities.- Share cars with friends, your family or employees; this way, everyone can manage triplogs and fuelups for your car!- Superfast: Trax autocompletes addresses from your contact list and determines your current location.- View your entered data nicely structured per car in our reports and exports. This comes in handy for making monthly or yearly reports!
Privacy:We don't like it when companies mess with our personal data so we don't sell, use or inspect any of your data. The only data we save on our servers is the data you've entered in the trip and fuel-logging pages.